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Engines that set Speed Records

Comp Cams Parts, Flow Testing,
Carb Spacers, Aluminum Head "Welding" Repair, Damage Repair, Titanium Valves, and Head Porting that you can afford!

SCH racing engines

Racing Engine Parts, Testing, & Repair

From custom built racing engines to head repair and modification SCH Racing Heads is your source. Customers rave about our superior service and quality workmanship and have deemed us the best in the industry. Contact us today to learn about our reconditioned titanium valves that come out of Nascar Cup Cars.

Yes, We also rebuild stock type cylinder heads.

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ENGINE combinations available for Bonneville:  


Street Rod:

F - 178 c.i. sbc

355 or 406 sbc

355 sbc

E - 259 c.i. sbc  

468 Bbc

402-408 c.i. Bbc

D - 304 c.i. sbc  

540 Bbc


B - 393 c.i. sbc    

598 Big Chief


A - 445 c.i. sbc    
A - 499 c.i. Bbc    
AA - 598 c.i. Bbc    



* Sunnen™ guide ,seat and valve   machines
* Superflow™ flow bench
* Sunnen cleaning equipment
* Miller Tig™ welder for head   repair
* Sharp™ milling machine
* Compu Spring Tester
* BHJ Lifter True for SBC


Carburator Spacers

*Custom Made
*Used to help increase air flow
*Billit™ Aluminum
*Use In Anything with a Holley    Carburetor™, 4150 Or the  Dominator $59.00

Flow Bench Testing

* For any type of race car
* Computerized testing with full   readouts
* Manifold,Carb added to test full   intake tract


Cylinder Head Porting

* Custom work
* Increases the airflow into the   cylinder head, which in turn   increases horsepower
* Prices starting at $275 on up
* Horsepower increases a   minimum of 30-horse power
* We are building complete   record setting engines for sale


B/PRO 224.395 mph 8/12/00
B/PRO 225.380 mph 8/14/00
B/GC 224.262 mph 8/10/02
B/GALT 227.078 mph 8/12/02
D/GC 214.030 mph 9/20/03
D/FALT 222.140 mph 9/21/03
B/FALT 223.131 mph 8/14/04
B/FALT 234.377 mph 8/15/04
E/GC 207.216 mph 9/19/04
E/PRO 197.044 mph 8/13/06

F/GC 107.119 mph 8/07


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